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 Price List 
 Unlimited Packages 
Our unlimited passes offer the best value if you visit 2 or more times per week 
12 Months Upfront
$ 1,595
Avg cost = $31/week
Upfront saving = $381
Fortnightly Membership
$ 76/fortnight
Avg cost = $38/week
(min 3 months)
3 Months Upfront
Avg cost = $38/week

 Class Packages 
Our class passes offer the best value if you visit 1-2 times a week
50 Class Pass 
(Most Popular)
50 Classes 
12 months to use from first visit 
$17 per class
$ 845
30 Class 
30 Classes 
10 months to use from first visit 
$20 per class
$ 595
10 Class 
10 Classes 
4 months to use from first visit 
$25 per class
Casual Classes are $33.   
How do I know which pass will suit me? 

If you are setting yourself a goal to make significant change, we recommend visiting 2 or more times a week. An "Unlimited Pass"is your best option here. The "12 Month Upfront Pass" offers the
best possible rate (average cost only $27/week if paying upfront) plus
incredible 1-1 support tools to support your personal development.

We also understand you may have other commitments and wish to visit 1-2 times per week. A "Class Pass"is your best option here. You will receive the best rate with a "50 Class Pass" which works out
to be only $17 class.

Can I share my class pass with another person ? 
You may on certain packages. The 30 Class Pass and 50 Class Pass can be shared between two people.

We request this person be nominated at the time of purchasing the pass.

The "10 Class Pass" and "Unlimited Packages" are individual passes and not able to be shared.

Can I hold my pass if I am going away?

If you have purchased an "Unlimited Package", you can place your pass on hold for up to 4 weeks per year. 

Each holding period needs to be for a minimum period of 7 days.  Please send an email at least a week in advance to

If you have purchased an "Intro Offer" or "Class Pass", extensions will not be available. The passes have been set up with lots of time to use them. Even if you visit just once a week you have plenty of time to use your Class Pass.

Can I request a refund?

We strive to provide an outstanding service that is in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.  If you feel there is an issue with the servide provided, a remedy that the meets the standards of the "ACCC" will be actioned on an individual basis.

See you soon on your mat!
Can I gift a class pass to a friend or family member ?

Of course you can. Please contact us on 8753 0260 to arrange payment and delivery of the class pass to your friend or family member

I have a friend who is interested in a class package can they purchase a class pass as well?
Yes they can. We are happy to open up this offer to our wonderful clients friends and family as well.

Is your online payment service secure ?

Yes we use Swipe to accept payment by debit or credit cards. If you have any questions about this service please contact us on

I have a few more questions who can I talk to ?

Get in touch with Brad the boss or any of the Five Dock Bikram Yoga team on 8753 0260 or email 

  What People Are Saying:
"...Has made me a better person."
Bikram Yoga has had a very positive impact on my life; it has improved my overall mentality which I feel has made me a better person
"...Transformed my mind and body"
Bikram Yoga has transformed my mind and body for the better. I have a calmer approach, I find that I am more understanding, accepting, and positive.
"Bikram Yoga has completely changed my life "
Bikram Yoga has completely changed my life. It has improved my strength and flexibility, helped me get through challenging times in my life and most importantly, it keeps me present.
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