Bikram Yoga Five Dock - Booking A Class!
Hi Yogi's, after a very long lockdown we are so excited to be able to reopen the studio!  The studio will be abiding by public health orders and will need to comply with restrictions.  

The below is a roadmap explaining everything you need to know to attend classes.  It is predicted the below restrictions will be required until the 1st December.   More details on what life will be like from December onwards will come closer to the date.
  • Full vaccination mandatory:  As per public health orders, only fully vaccinated people who have had 2 doses can attend classes.
  • Proof:  You will be required to show evidence you are fully vaccinated on your return visit.  You can either email or show in person your immunisation certificate.  
  • Medical Exemptions:  If you require a medical exemption, you must discuss with the studio prior to attending.  We are awaiting more details from the government in regards to this.
  • Future: The studio will review this policy again in early December when public health orders are due to relax.
  • On Your Yoga Mat:  Bikram Yoga is a strenuous exercise and will be exempt from wearing a mask only whilst on your mat practicing.   
  • Off Your Yoga Mat: Mask wearing is mandatory at all other times when you are not on your mat.
  • End of Class: We strongly recommend you take savasana at the end of class until your heart rate returns to normal.  This is a good time to put your mask on.
  • Reopen Date:  Monday 11 October
  • Number of Classes: we will reopen with a reduced schedule of 17 classes/week.   This is necessary, as not all teachers are available at the reopen date.
  • Future: The goal is gradually add more classes and to return to a full schedule of 28 classes/week in early 2022.
Bookings Mandatory
  • Capacity:  As per public health orders, the capacity of the room is limited to 20 people until the 1st December.   Bookings are mandatory.
  • When can I book?  Classes will be available for booking for the "current week" and "one week in advance".   Each Monday, a new week will open on the schedule.  Same as what we did in 2020.
  • Waitlists: If a class is full, you are welcome to register on the waitlist.   If a spot comes up you will get an automatic text message.  This message can come through up to any point before the class time.
  • Not Able to Attend:  Please cancel your booking if not able to attend class.   If you don't you will be charged and will have prevented someone else from attending.
Other Items
  • Not Feeling Well:  Please do not attend classes if you are showing any signs of cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat etc.
  • Yoga Mats  You will need to bring your own yoga mat to practice.  Due to hygiene, there is no mat storage at the studio.
  • Mat Rentals  Mat rentals are no longer available to comply with health orders.  Towels are available for hire $3.
  • Ventilation  Please note the studio was designed with ventilation technology.  There is a ventilation machine that measures oxygen levels and ensures fresh air is always circulating.  We are happy to answer more questions about this!
  • Respect: As a business, this is a very difficult situation to navigate.  Any actions outside of our policy puts the studio in a very difficult position.  Please act safely and responsibly, respecting the space and other students.
New to Bikram Five Dock?
  • Welcome:  Hi New Yogi, we would love for you to come and join our classes as we reopen.
  • Intro Offer  Public Health Orders have restricted class capacity to 20 people, therefore our Intro Offer is currently suspended.
  • Packages Available:  You can get started with any of our package options.   You can view our price list here
  • Booking with Mind Body:  Please watch the below video to learn how our booking system works.
  • Next Steps:  You are ready to create your profile and purchase a package.  You can do this on the session times link below ;)